Abjeezگروه آبجیز

مشخصات گروه آبجیز
نام : گروه آبجیز
محل زندگی : Sweden, Ostersund
تاریخ تولد :
محل تولد :
حرفه : Music Band
زندگینامه گروه آبجیز
آبجیز نام یک گروه موسیقی ایرانی از سوئد است. سبک موسیقی این گروه پاپ راک و رگه و تلفیقی است و متن تمامی آهنگ‌های ایشان در دو آلبوم اول آنها به فارسی است.
خوانندگان این گروه دو خواهر به نام‌های صفورا و ملودی صفوی هستند. شعر ترانه‌ها از ملودی (خواهر بزرگتر) است و آهنگ‌ها ساخته صفورا هستند.

دیگر اعضای گروه عبارتند از صوفی صفوی (برادر)، Robin Cochrane (با نام مستعار رامین) که درامز می‌زند و اسکاتلندی‌- سوئدی‌ست ، Erland Hoffgard (اردلان) باسیست گروه که نروژی‌ـ سوئدی‌ست ، Paulo Murga (پهلوان) شیلیایی‌تبار که در سازهای پرکاشن می‌زند. و Johan Moberg (جوان) نوازنده گیتار که سوئدی است.
Abjeez's Biography
Abjeez is an Iranian music band based in the Swedish town Östersund. Perhaps "world pop" best describes Abjeez music. The Abjeez unique sound is influenced by wide mixture of styles like Reggae, Flamenco, SKA, Rock and Latino mastered to its' own description of original melody and songs. The lyrics are in Persian.
Its lead singers are sisters Safoura and Melody Safavi.
More on Abjeez band members
Safoura (abjeeloo) Safavi: Song, guitar and composer
Safoura loved performing on stage from early age. She played theatrics, danced,
sang and annoyed every cousin in the family. All that changed drastically when she
received a karaoke machine from her brother Sufi on her 10th birthday!!!
Soon she began playing the guitar and composing songs. Safoura has
studied music at Hvitfeldtska School of music in Gothenburg (Sweden),
and continued her studies at Fundacion Christina Heeren del arte
flamenco in Seville, Espania (try saying that 5 times), where
she specialized in flamenco guitar and vocals.
Melody (abjeezooloo) Safavi: Song, Lyrics
Melody has been moving around like a gypsy since the age of 20. Wandering around different countries, jumping from one branch to another with hopes of finding what she wants to do when all grown up. Despite bouncing around like a rubber ball, writing
lyrics and painting are her biggest passions. Melody has studied Social
studies at Middsweden University in Sweden and
currently works in the field of media.
Johan (Javan) Moberg: Guitar
Johan began playing violin at the age of 8, changed to drums by 9,
but soon realized young ladies dig guitarists more. Johan has
studied Flamenco Guitar at Fundacion Cristina Heeren
del arte flamenco in Seville and Taller de Musics
of Barcelona, Spain.
Erland (Ardalan) Hoffgard: Bass
Erland studied to become a car engineer when he accidentally
crashed his car into a guitar during his teens. After playing a few chords, he
realized that music wasn’t just his destiny, but also his density!
Erland has studied music at Pitea University of
music (Sweden)
Robin (Ramin) Cochrane: Drums
Robin began his exciting career painting banjos then moved on to painting
trombones and various horn instruments. Soon all that excitment got
out of control and he bagan playing the piano at the age of 6
Finally percussion sparked his interest by age 8. He has
devoted his life to music since then. Robin has
studied music at Palmcrantz in Ostersund
in Sweden. He eats, drinks and breaths
music. He has actually written
songs in his sleep.
Paulo (Pahlevan) Murga: Percussion
He started his career playing folk music from the Andes, Chile at age 12,
but soon his destiny took him further and further up North to the
“Swedish Andes”. Paulo is professionalized in Cuban percussion
and studio techniques and creates the most elegant
sounds out of the world’s simplest instruments. Paulo has studied
music at Haparanda Folkhogskola (Sweden), and
ISA (Instituto Superior de Artes) in Cuba. He teaches music at
Pitea Unversity of Music (Sweden).
Sufi (el diablito) Safavi: Sound engineer
Sufi is the exhibitionist who lives on the edge of all extremes. He always wants
to put Loud, heavy distortions on every note. Sufi plays the guitar, tweaks
on his Indian sitar, takes care of all the hard work behind the scene
and has dog ears for sound. He has studied sound engineering
at Pitea University of Muic (Sweden) and is currently
working as social worker assisting refuges in
Sweden. Some day he’s gonna change the world.