Afshin Linuxافشین لینوکس

مشخصات افشین لینوکس
Afshin Linux
نام : افشین لینوکس
محل زندگی :
تاریخ تولد :
محل تولد : Dubai,United Arab Emirates
حرفه : Rapper Singer
زندگینامه افشین لینوکس
Afshin Linux's Biography
Afshin Linux Has Started 7 Years Ago (2003) Working on Music Of Persian Rap.
At The Beginning He Started With a Rapper Band
Called Black Angels, But He Was Not Taking It Serious And After 3 Songs Which He Made With That Band He Came Out Of The Band And He Started On His Own On 2004.

His First Official Song Was With
Masoud Mass & Payam called "Shabe Vasvase"
After That Linux Found His Own Style Of Music And Rapping Which Was a Different Style And a New Style, Which Was a Comic Rap Or We Can Say Fun Rap And Go0d For Parties.

Afshin Has Worked With Music Producers Like Shervin
He Also Working With The King Of Pop Music of Iran Shahram Shabpare And Other Rappers as Masoud Mass, Masih & Arash AP, A E E N , Sina.Xina, Ali Dark, Adel Oxide, Hooman Tingo, Farno0d Simax and Payam.
He Was The First Rapper Who Started The Music Of Persian Rap In United Arab Emirate (UAE) And He Was The First Persian Rapper Of Dubai.