مشخصات افشین
نام : افشین
محل زندگی : Los Angeles, California, United States
تاریخ تولد : May 06, 1978     (‏ شانزدهم اردیبهشت 1357‎)
محل تولد : Babol, Iran
حرفه : Pop Singer and Songwriter
زندگینامه افشین
Afshin's Biography
His family relocated to Tehran when he was seven years old. At 10 year-olds, Afshin started to play the guitar and to write his own songs and lyrics.

In 1995, Afshin migrated with his family to Mannheim, Germany to continue his musical career, since pop music was banned in Iran at the time. The result was his first CD title "Scent of Rain" released in 1999, which featured production from Shahram Azar, from the group Sandy. Afshin's second album "Star" (and the hit song "Atish Atish") was released in 2002, and it was the first production with Afshin's new producer Kostas Karagiozidis.

In 2004 "Aso Pas" was released and quickly became a major worldwide sucess for him. It was with this album that Afshin released one of the first true Persian R&B songs "Delam Havato Kardeh", which featured German rap by his brother, Amir. Unfortunately, most of the tracks from this album were leaked in MP3 on the Internet, over a month before the actual release. Regardless the album was a success and because of that, Afshin held his first concerts in the U.S. in Atlanta, D.C., and Los Angeles.

Over a year later, in 2005 Afshin released his fourth album, "Maach", which moved Afshin to a new level of stardom. After another concert tour, Afshin announced that his girlfriend was asking him to choose between her or his career. Although many suspected that this was just a rumor, Afshin did in fact stop doing concerts for a while and appeared to have chosen his girlfriend. However, it didn't last very long as new music videos from "Maach" were made during this time as well as announcements about Afshin's very much anticipated 5th album.