مشخصات عهدیه
نام : عهدیه
محل زندگی :
تاریخ تولد : 1329 (1950)
محل تولد : Tehran,Iran
حرفه : خواننده ترانه‌های فیلم فارسی
زندگینامه عهدیه
عهدیه بدیعی در یک خانواده بهایی در تهران زاده شد. او کار خود را از برنامه کودک رادیو تهران در سال ۱۳۳۷ شروع کرد. وی دانش‌آموخته رشته حسابداری است. عهدیه دو سال هم در سپاه دانش دختران، خدمت سربازی رفت.
او سه سال پیش از انقلاب ، در سن ۲۶ سالگی از ایران خارج شد و به اسپانیا مهاجرت کرد و در آنجا با یک مرد ایرانی ازدواج کرد و صاحب چهار فرزند شد یک دختر به نام شبنم و سه پسر.
Ahdieh's Biography
Ahdieh began her musical career in her hometown in Tehran, the capital of Iran, performing in a Children's radio program. Praised by her mother, who recognized her daughter's sweet and strong voice, Ahdieh's musical career would take her to the five continents throughout her adulthood.

By the age of 15, she had become one of Iran's prominent singers. Her songs were played on the radio, and she often sang as voice-overs in television and movies. In fact, it is hard to find a movie that she does not sing in. During this time, Ahdieh also studied music in private classes of Tehran's music conservatory as well as working towards her Degree in Accounting. Although, she had wanted to study Music in university, she followed the advice of others in pursuing accounting.

Despite being famous in her youth, she was forced to serve for two years in the military, a requirement for youth at that time. Although the government had a list of people that they would exclude from this service, she was not included on that list, for they viewed her as a good role model to other youth. During this time, Ahdieh, the tireless fighter of peace and unity, showed that she could love her country and perform its service, while still having a love for the world.

By the age of 19, she performed in an International Festival in Shiraz “The Feast of Art”, as the best singer in Iran Radio & Television (with the presence of Iran’s Queen).

In 1976, she decided to move to Spain as a Baha'i pioneer. She perceived this as a way that she could still do work for her country, which she loved, and it gave her an opportunity to serve in an International dimension as well.

When Ahdieh leaved Iran she was 25 years old and during her musical activities in Iran as a Persian singer she had sung more than 1000 different songs, for Radio and movies.

Ahdieh specially desired to share with the people of all countries the teachings of the Baha'i Faith which promotes worldwide unity. This motivation inspired her to leave her fame behind and to go to Spain in the beginning of 1976.

Moving to Spain was a benediction which prevented Ahdieh‘s persecution during Islam republic coming to power. Her name was on a list of people to be executed, because of being a Baha’i and performing in Baha’i activities.