Alexander Cartioآلک (آلکساندر) کارتیو

مشخصات آلک (آلکساندر) کارتیو
Alexander Cartio
نام : آلک (آلکساندر) کارتیو
محل زندگی :
تاریخ تولد : 1355
محل تولد : Iran
حرفه : Iranian-Swedish/American Music Video/Film Director and Producer
زندگینامه آلک (آلکساندر) کارتیو
آلک (آلکساندر) کارتیو از اجداد روسی و آذریایجانی می باشد. در ده سالگی با خانواده اش به سوئد و سپس به آمریکا مهاجرت کرد. وی تهیه کننده و کارگردان بیش از ۲۰۰ ویدئوی تبلیغاتی و موزیک برای شرکتها و خوانندگان ایرانی (نظیر گوگوش، ابی، ...) ، سوئدی و آمریکایی بوده است و در حال حاضر شرکت وی (آتلانتیس پیکچرز) مشغول تهیه یک فیلم کمدی برای هالیوود می باشد. وی برادر کامرون (کامران) کارتیو، خواننده بین المللی می باشد که با شب خالد (الجزایری) و شیبل (انگلیسی قبرسی) ترانه اجرا کرده است.
Alexander Cartio's Biography
Alec Cartio is the brother of well-known Iranian-Swedish performer Cameron Cartio. To date, Alec Cartio has created over 280 music videos and commercials under the banner of his production company Atlantis pictures.
Early life

Alec was born to Iranian parents of mixed Turkish/Russian decent. Although he grew up in Tehran, Iran his family immigrated to Sweden in 1986 when Alexander Cartio was just 12.

Passionate about music, he started playing the piano at the age of 13. He was also keen on cameras and keyboards from early age.

The first 2 years after immigration to Sweden, him and his family spent in various refugees camps around the country and later settled down as citizens in the city of Malmoe in south Sweden.

He attended the "infamous" Rosengard school for 4 years from 5th-9th grade. It was here that he met and became friends with his two band members Michel and Andre and started what was later to become the band Get Wet.

Later he graduated from high school at Helenhoms school in Malmoe studying Natural Scienes.

At the age of 14, he joined a small group of schoolmates forming a basement band which was later to become a Swedish professional boy band, initially called Get Wet. The name was changed later to Caymen and signed to a record deal by Sony/BMG in Sweden. They released three singles and toured most of North Europe playing at venues ranging from 500-3500 people audiences. After 8 years with the band, he finally called it quits and the band split up.

In mid 1999, he joined two close friends, the Spantman brothers on a journey to Los Angeles. He searched for opportunities and registered for theatre arts classes at Santa Monica College which led him to take part in a small student short movie. This encouraged him to take on filmmaking and shooting of videos. Alec Cartio graduated from the Stockholm School of Media and Arts in 2001, followed by a BFA from Columbia College Hollywood in Los Angeles.

In 2002 he began directing and producing music video's and commercials for various artists and companies and established himself as a highly sought after and successful international director. The majority of his clients are Iranian, Swedish and American artists, but also from countries such as South Africa and Denmark. Amongst the Iranian population, he is known as "the revolutionizer of the music video and commercial world", mainly for his innovative images, rich and glossy pictures and ground breaking ideas.

Before he became a filmmaker, during the time he spent as a musician, he tired his luck with various occupations such as being a fireman, cab driver, restaurant waiter, book store sales rep and materials manager at a high end surgery center.

In 2008, in partnership with his long time collaborator, actor and screen writer Sulo Williams, he began production for his first independent comedy feature film "Convincing Clooney". The movie is planned for a wide audience release during late 2010