Amitis Moghaddamآمیتیس (آمیتیس مقدم)

مشخصات آمیتیس (آمیتیس مقدم)
Amitis Moghaddam
نام : آمیتیس (آمیتیس مقدم)
محل زندگی : Atlanta, US
تاریخ تولد : October 1st
محل تولد : Mashad, Iran
حرفه : Pop singer
زندگینامه آمیتیس (آمیتیس مقدم)
Amitis Moghaddam's Biography
Amitis Moghaddam was born October 1st in the city of Mashad, Iran. She then later moved to Tehran to attend college. She started showing great interest and passion for singing at the bright age of three. When she turned fourteen, she was already a prodigy . Fluent in several instruments including piano, guitar, and violin. At the age of seventeen, she wrote the song "Tow Eshghami", which has now been included in her debut album "One". She is an avid horse rider, which also turned as a profession for her six years in Iran. Drawing and painting is one of her greatest talents.She moved to the United States in 2002, and has since resided in the beautiful city of Atlanta, Georgia. Loving and enjoying the beautiful views of life, her hobbies include music, drawing, horse riding, racing and the need for speed. Amitis enjoys nothing more than fast cars . Her debut album produced by renown record producer Elton Ahi, hit the stores December 2010. With her hit singles "Yek, Dow" and "Yavash Yavash".