Andranik Madadianاندی

مشخصات اندی
Andranik Madadian
نام : اندی
محل زندگی : Los Angeles, California ,United States
تاریخ تولد : April 21, 1958     (‏ یکم اردیبهشت 1337‎)
محل تولد : Tehran,Iran
حرفه : Pop Singer,Songwriter and Actor
زندگینامه اندی
آندرانیک مددیان معروف به اندی
یکی از خوانندگان موسیقی پاپ ایرانی / ارمنی است.
اندی کار خود را با کوروس شروع کرد . هر دو از نوازندگان گیتار برای شهرام شب پره بودند که از آن گروه به تدریج خارج شدند و مستقل کار کردند. آنها ۴ آلبوم با هم ضبط کردند و برای پیشرفت بیشتر از هم جدا شده و به تنهایی ترانه خواندند اما دوستی شان تا به امروز ادامه دارد. اندی یک گیاهخوار است. این اواخر اندی با دوست دختر قدیمی خود شینی Shani در لوس آنجلس زندگی می‌کند.
Andranik Madadian's Biography
Andranik Madadian (Andy)
is seen by many as an important figure in Iranian pop music from the 80's and 90's. He started his career with promoter Alireza Amirghassemi in the early 1980s and made it big when he joined Kouros and together formed a successful duo. Andy and Kouros were first introduced at a Siavash Shams concert by Siavash himself who was a good friend of Andy. Andy and Kouros released 4 albums including the 1990 hit album "Balla!." In 1992 Andy and Kouros split and both went to pursue solo careers. Andy has been awarded Best Armenian International Singer of the year four times and in 1994 Universal Studios declared Andy the best Iranian singer of the decade. He is known as the "King of Pop" of Iran. He has released 15 albums since the start of his solo career including the multicultural album "And My Heart..." in 2000 where he sings in Persian, English, Spanish, Armenian, Arabic, and Hindi. Later that year, an American edition of the album was also released.

In March 2006 "City of Angels" hit #1 in Virgin Megastores in Dubai.
"City of Angels" won the Best International Armenian Album award for the 2006 Armenian Music Awards.
Personal life

Andy currently lives with his long time girlfriend Shani in Los Angeles.
On July 21, 2009, Madadian will be performing at halftime during the Chelsea FC vs. Inter Milan game at the Rose Bowl. Madadian, who canceled his tour for the game, will perform in front of over 40 world cup soccer players and tens of thousands of screaming fans.
Political Activism

On June 24, 2009, Andy, Richie Sambora and Jon Bon Jovi recorded a version of the Lieber and Stoller standard Stand by Me, described by producer Don Was as a "worldwide solidarity with the people of Iran". Both the original English language lyrics and a partial translation in to the Persian language are performed by both Bon Jovi and Madadian. The handwritten Persian sign in the video translates to "we are one".