Aram Moosakhanianآرام موساخانیان

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Aram Moosakhanian
نام : آرام موساخانیان
محل زندگی : Toronto,Canada
تاریخ تولد : 1967
محل تولد : South of Iran
حرفه : Songwriter, Musician, Composer and Singer
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Aram Moosakhanian's Biography
Aram Moosakhanian

grew up in Iran and immigrated to Canada in 1999! He has close cooperation with Keynotes school of music in Mississauga Canada since 1999. He writes and arranges music in Armenian, Persian and English.

Aram began playing guitar at the age of nine. Formally trained in the classical style, Aram's love of the guitar and music in general are what inspired him to explore alternate styles of music. This exploration subsequently gave rise to his ability to compose and sing, not only in his native Armenian tongue, but Persian and English as well. Aram credits Keyvan Mirhadizadeh and Mohammad Reza Darvish of Iran for his song writing capabilities and theoretical knowledge of music.

Arriving in Canada in 1999, Aram would continue developing his skills and shaping his sound, but it wasn't until much later that his career would begin to flourish. In 2006, Aram would release AHA AYS YESEM, an Armenian CD which would go on to be nominated as Alternative Album Of The Year by the Armenian Music Awards held in Los Angeles. Aram would follow up with the release of a Persian CD entitled Ghazaleh Nagofteh or Untold Poem. A number of videos would soon follow. One of which, Armenian Children , pays homage to those who were left orphaned after the devastating Armenian earthquake of 1988. Aram's second Armenian CD, to be released in December of 2007, contains his first English Rock composition entitled War Song, in which Aram utilizes a number of world instruments such as the Arabian Tabla. Aram is grateful for his multilingual musical capabilities and hopes that War Song will pave the way for his first ever English CD release.