Arta Jamasbآرتا

مشخصات آرتا
Arta Jamasb
نام : آرتا
محل زندگی : Tokyo, Japan
تاریخ تولد : July 5th
محل تولد : Teheran, Iran
حرفه : خواننده
زندگینامه آرتا
Arta Jamasb's Biography
Arta was born and raised in Tehran. He started learning Santoor in his childhood and obtained a considerable improvement. Then he learned violin but after a year he met Mr. Pedram Amini Abianeh who thought him Flamenco guitar synchronously. After a while Arta moved to Australia to study music. He lived there for four years and then moved back to Tehran to start a business with his father and older brother.

After one year he succeeded to make his first album "Black Iris". But he left Tehran again and moved to Tokyo to continue his music and business carrier in Japan.