Babak Bayat Funeral Picturesعکس هایی از بابک بیات

  • Babak BayatBabak Bayat
    Babak Bayat started learning classic music in “Tehran opera” under the supervision of Mrs. Evelin Baghcheban and Mr. Samin Baghcheban for 5 years when he was only 19. Then he was introduced to Mr. Mohammad Owshal who was head of a folkloric group and their friendship helped him to learn harmony, accompaniment and other musical technics that Bayat was interested in. Since childhood, his friendship with Iraj Jenati Attaei, who was a great poet, song lyrist and play writer had great effect in his life. During the years, they could produce many unforgettable Iranian songs like KOOCHE BONBAST (dead end …