Bahman Panahiبهمن پناهی

مشخصات بهمن پناهی
Bahman Panahi
نام : بهمن پناهی
محل زندگی : Paris,France
تاریخ تولد : 1967
محل تولد : Iran
حرفه : Classical/Traditional Musician and Composer
زندگینامه بهمن پناهی
Bahman Panahi's Biography
Bahman Panahi

the youngest son of a large, cultivated family of artists, was introduced to music, painting, theatre and calligraphy through the work of his brothers and developed his own talents in the fields of music and calligraphy. To Bahman Panahi, music stands for the history of Iran, for its culture and its civilization, while calligraphy provides an image of Iranian artistic spontaneity and taste. The relationship between these two artistic domains provides a launching point for Panahi's ongoing philosophical contemplation and creative production.

He studied Setar and Tar with such masters of Persian musicians as Houshang Zarif, Mohammad Reza Lotfi, and Ataollah Zahed Shirazi. Panahi himself obtained the title of Master from the Iranian Institute of Calligraphy under the direction of masters Gholamhosein Amirkhani, Foradi and Kaboli.

Since 1990 Bahman Panahi has presented concerts, workshops, conferences, courses and exhibitions in Iran, France, The Maldives, Cuba, Holland, England, Syria, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Nigeria, Marocco, Spain, Mauritania, Poland, USA, Belgium and Switzerland.

Bahman Panahi currently lives in Paris, where he performs actively and is pursuing a doctoral project entitled "The Musicality of the Lines and Points" at the Sorbonne university.