Bahram Radan Video

Bahram Radan is one of the highly respected and an award-winning Persian actors and artists.  He is internationally recognized for his work.  Here is a lovely video overviewing his impressive artistic resume.

Bahram Radan is an award-winning actor. While working towards a degree in Business Management in college, Radan signed up for acting classes where he was discovered as an emerging talent. Bahram Radan got his first break when he was given an opportunity for his first role starring in the movie “The Passion of Love”. The movie went on to achieve great success at the box office and was one of the top grossing movies of 2000. Radan has since starred in 27 movies and has become a popular household name in the Middle East, often referred to as one of the top 5 superstars of Iranian cinema. His extreme popularity caused Iranian authorities to ban his images from billboards in 2008, In 2010 he was chosen by United Nations as the first Iranian UN Ambassador Against Hunger.


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