Behind The Scenes Photos Of Man Hamsaresh Hastamعکس هایی از پشت صحنه فيلم من همسرش هستم

  • Mitra HajjarMitra Hajjar
    Mitra Hajjar is the winner, with an additional two nominations for Best Actress in the Fajr International Film Festival. Her first important role was in Born Under Libra (1999, Ahmad Reza Darvish). Mitra Hajjar, deemed "expressive" and "compelling" by Variety Magazine, is one of the most popular leading actresses in Iran. She has held leading roles in over 20 feature films in her native country. Hajjar is most noted for her outstanding performances in the films, Motevalede mahe mehr (2001), by Ahmad Reza Darvish, Sagkoshi (2001) by Bahram Beizai, Soorati (2002) by Fereydoun Jeyrani, and most recently It's Winter (2006) …