Behnam Mokriبهنام مکری

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Behnam Mokri
نام : بهنام مکری
محل زندگی : Los Angeles, California, United States
تاریخ تولد :
محل تولد : Tehran,Iran
حرفه : creative director/designer
زندگینامه بهنام مکری
Behnam Mokri's Biography
Ben Mokri, is a creative director/designer with professional experience as well as
academic skills in creative fields of film and architecture. The blend of the two world
has enabled the director to create fresh visuals and concepts within each field. Ben
Mokri currently works as a director in Los Angeles and has diverse group of client
and artists who collaborate with him on various projects. Ben Mokri acts as an
independent director who uses the phrase "DNA-derived-concept" as to define his
work with his clients.Biography
I was born in Tehran-Iran. As a child I was an uneasy kid, Never satisfied and
always looking for something new. I liked eating ice-cream and watching cartoons.
My interest for filmmaking began after getting exposed to Fellini's cinema, which
happened in my early twenties. When I think back, I feel that his cinema was like an
escape for me from the personal life-issues that I was dealing with at that time. His
dark, liberating and yet playful films became my getaway. I never really felt like I
have an idol in the field of cinema, but there are a few people that I really like to
meet; Alexandro Gonzalez, Martin Scorsese, Bahram Beizai and Sean Penn.
I studied psychology in my undergraduate from UCI and got my Masters in
architecture from Newschool of Architecture and design in San Diego. Psychology
taught me to dissect human emotions in relation to their context, while architecture,
taught me how to build context in relation to human emotions. I think the
combination of the two, really freed my mind and opened new doors for me. From
Maslow's hierarchy of needs to Andrea Branzi, blurring the zoning system of our
mind and our context; all became great source of inspirations for my work.
I never really consider cinema more than just pure fun. I wanted to preserve
its beauty and keep it as special activity without dissecting it. However, as I got
more involved into the profession, I began to learn the vocabulary and the
architecture of filmmaking. I also leaned that if its not fun, its not worth doing it. This
is my playground and I like it here, where is yours!