Esmat Bagherpour Baboli(دلكش (عصمت باقرپور

مشخصات (دلكش (عصمت باقرپور
Esmat Bagherpour Baboli
نام : (دلكش (عصمت باقرپور
محل زندگی :
تاریخ تولد : February 26, 1925     (‏ هفتم اسفند 1303‎)
محل تولد : Babol,Iran
حرفه : Classical/Traditional Singer
زندگینامه (دلكش (عصمت باقرپور
دلكش (عصمت باقرپور)

خواننده مشهور دهه هاي 1330 و 1340 بود. وي پس از تحصيلات ابتدايي، صدايش مورد توجه استادان آواز موسيقي قرار گرفت و راهي تهران شد. سپس در راديو تهران بعنوان خواننده مشغول كار شد. در سال 1329 در اولين فيلمش،«شرمسار» ساخته اسماعيل كوشان،ايفاي نقش نمود. او آخرين بار در سال 1350 در فيلم «قمار زندگي» ساخته عباس كسايي، بازي كرد و پس از آن حتي از صحنه موسيقي نيز كنار رفت. وي به دليل بيماري كليوي در 11 شهريور 1383 درگذشت.
Esmat Bagherpour Baboli's Biography
Esmat Bagherpour Baboli known as Delkash

was an Iranian female singer, singing in Persian and the local Iranian language of Mazandarani. She was the daughter of a cotton trader who had twelve other children. She came to Tehran to study, but she was discovered soon and was introduced to the music masters of the time, Ruhollah Khaleghi and Abdolali Vaziri. She was named Delkash by Khaleghi.

Delkash started public singing in 1943 and was employed in Radio Iran in 1945, only five years after the establishment of the program. There, she worked with the composer Mehdi Khaledi for seven years, until 1952, which made them both very famous. The bests of her songs were written by Rahim Moeini Kermanshahi , Iranian lyricist, and Ali Tajvidi, Iranian composer, from 1954 until 1969.

She also worked as a song writer under the pen name of Niloofar and played in a few Iranian movies, including Sharmsaar, Maadar, Farda Roushan Ast, Afsoungar, and Dasiseh. She worked with the great singer & elec.guitar musician VIGEN DERDERIAN Sultan of Jazz. Delkash died in 2004, at the age of 79, in Tehran.