Erica Hosseiniاریکا حسینی

مشخصات اریکا حسینی
Erica Hosseini
نام : اریکا حسینی
محل زندگی : Newport Beach, CA
تاریخ تولد : May 24, 1987     (‏ سوم خرداد 1366‎)
محل تولد :
حرفه : Surfer and Model
زندگینامه اریکا حسینی
Erica Hosseini's Biography
Erica Hosseini is a beautiful professional surfer and model of Persian descent. She has always been competitive and a sports fanatic. Erica started playing sports at the age of 2 when she learned to ski from her mom. She learned to water ski and mountain bike at the age of 4. Most of her childhood, Erica split her time between Lake Tahoe and Newport because her mom was a ski instructor.

When she was 11, Erica began to surf regularly. At 13 years old, she started competing in the NSSA. In her first year of competition, she did not win anything. However, she worked hard and figured out what she was doing wrong and eventually she started winning heats and then contests. Eventually, she moved to Newport Beach permanently for high school.

In 2002, Erica entered the Fosters Cup at Lower Trestles which was her 1st pro event. She ended up finishing 2nd at this event and at age 14 became the youngest surfer to reach the final of a pro tournament. In 2003, Erica won 5 titles. She won the Southwest Open Conference, Explorer Conference, Regional's, won the NSSA National Open Women's title, and Governor's Cup. In 2004, she finished 1st in the OP. She won the 2005 Volcom Championships, the 2005 U.S. Championships and the 2007 Roxy Pro Junior. Erica also won the 2008 Volcom championships. In 2008, she finished the year ranked 15th in the world.

Erica is sponsored by Vans, Sector 9, Vestal, Spy Optic, Sex Wax, Sharp Eye, and Jack's Surf Shop. She has extensively modeled for all her sponsors making her very recognizable. In her free time, she likes to play with her laptop and make changes to the website that she created. One of her favorite activities is to surf the Vans team website.