Fred Khoshtinatفرد

مشخصات فرد
Fred Khoshtinat
نام : فرد
محل زندگی :
تاریخ تولد : August 11, 1988     (‏ بیستم مرداد 1367‎)
محل تولد : Tehran, Iran
حرفه : Singer, Music Video Director
زندگینامه فرد
Fred Khoshtinat's Biography
“FRED” Khoshtinat is known for Hichkas, Xaniar, and Taham videos he has directed and edited as P.U.C.A. (Persian's Underground Cinematic Arts). Now FRED’s first official track, “If You Want Me” (Age Mano Mikhay), has debuted. He also wrote the lyrics, arranged and produced the song.