Gina Amirجینا امیر

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Gina Amir
نام : جینا امیر
محل زندگی : Los Angeles, California
تاریخ تولد : October 09, 1982     (‏ هفدهم مهر 1361‎)
محل تولد :
حرفه : Recording artist and Jewelry Designer
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Gina Amir's Biography
Gina Garofano known as, Gina Amir is a young and talented Entertainer/Entrepreneur. Gina was raised in Netherlands, Germany.
At an early age Gina began taking music and drama classes and continued throughout high school as well as college. The daughter of academic parents, Gina found herself pursuing a degree in business which ultimately led to her owning and operating a successful jewelry company based in Cologne, Germany.

It was early on in her career that she was approached to be one of the faces of United Colors of Benetton , an offer which Gina later reluctantly declined. This experience was one of many that fueled a timely desire to be involved in the entertainment business. She cultivated her beauty and talent into a lucrative career as a Television spokes person in and around Europe but her true passion was for singing and performance.

Unexpectedly, when she had moved to Los Angeles, California during the summer of 2006 she had immediately garnished attention as an exotic beauty. Her unique beauty, trend setting style and sincere elegance are distinct qualities of a gifted star. Gina has been seen in and on the cover of Magazines both domestic and international some of which name her as one of the “Artists to Watch”.

Gina has been linked to Music Producer E. Kenneth who produced most of her self-titled 2009 Debut Album.

She is known to have been actively involved in many charity events and has given sponsorship to bring help to children in Africa and India as well as lending her support to benefit some of the many AIDS charities in the USA. Gina recently stated that she plans to donate a portion of her iTunes earnings to charity.

Gina dreams of "embracing the world" through her music - Her debut album is a culmination of blazing club tracks, seductive mid-tempos, and sultry pop ballads.