Haft Sin Design By Shahrzad Nasiriطراحی هفت سین توسط شهرزاد نصیری

  • Shahrzad NasiriShahrzad Nasiri
    Shahrzad Nasiri is an Iranian visual artist who has recently moved from Tehran to Toronto Canada. In addition to her art works, Shahrzad also designs beautiful Haft Sins. With the help from her good friend Fereshteh, Shahrzad has decided to take orders for Haft Sin arrangements for the 2011 Persian New Year's celebration. Their Haft Sin collection is completely custom handmade. If you would like to order your Haft-Sin, visit her website or click here to contact Sharzad. Sharzad and her friend Fereshte are also having their booth at the Toronto Norooz Bazaar this March. If you live in the …