Laleh Pourkarim In Concertعکس هایی از کنسرت های لاله پورکریم

  • Laleh  PourkarimLaleh Pourkarim
    Laleh Pourkarim left Iran when she was 1 year old, came to Sweden when she was 12 and went to school in the multicultural district Angered, Hammarkullen of Gothenburg. Before that she had lived in Azerbaijan and Minsk, Belarus. She had her breakthrough in 2005 with her hit single "Live Tomorrow" which was a success in Sweden and ended up first on the Swedish radio station for several weeks SR P3's radio show "Tracks" (Trackslistan). She personally produces and writes her albums debut album, in which she sings in three different languages: English, Swedish and Persian. At the Swedish Grammis …