Legha Yusifلیغا یوسف

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Legha Yusif
نام : لیغا یوسف
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حرفه : Singer and Model
زندگینامه لیغا یوسف
Legha Yusif's Biography
Legha Yusif is a beautiful Iranian - Lebanese Model and Singer.
In 2005 she was one of the original members of the British pop music band "Rouge". Amrita Hunjan (Miss India UK 2004) and Laura Ismail (of Egyptian descent) were other members of Rough. Legha left the group to pursue her own modeling and singing career.

In 2008 Legha Yusif was feachered in a video of Lebanese pop singer, "Ragheb Alamah" singing some parts of the Arabic song, "Enta Ya Ghaly" in Farsi.