Maryam Kaviani Photo Shootsعکس های مریم کاویانی سری اول

  • Maryam KavianiMaryam Kaviani
    Maryam Kavyani was born in Ahvaz to Mazandarani parents. She lives at present in Tehran. Ms Kavyani has a postgraduate degree in nursing and before entering into acting profession in 2002, worked as a professional nurse. In 2002 she played her first role in the feature film The Youthful Dream (Royā-ye Javāni), directed by Nader Moghaddas. Since this time she has played in feature films Dexterous (Tar-dast), 2004, directed by Mohammad-Ali Sajjādi, Spaghetti in Eight Minutes (Espāgeti dar Hasht Daghigheh), 2005, directed by Rāmbod Javān, Rival Wife (Havoo), 2005, directed by Alireza Dāvoudnejād, and Travail (Makhmaseh), 2006, directed by Mohammad-Ali …