Mohammad Khordadianمحمد خردادیان

مشخصات محمد خردادیان
Mohammad Khordadian
نام : محمد خردادیان
محل زندگی : Los Angeles,California
تاریخ تولد :
محل تولد : Tehran,Iran
حرفه : رقصنده
زندگینامه محمد خردادیان
Mohammad Khordadian's Biography
Mr. Khordadian graduated from the University of Art and Drama in Tehran, Iran and later continued his study in Ballet and modern dance in England. After 1979, it was impossible to continue his career in Iran. So he left for the west. He worked with several dance groups in London as well as Los Angeles and New York. He has not only worked as a dancer, but also choreographer for several shows in New York and Los Angeles.

In 1983, he formed the Saba Dance Company to keep the dance culture of Iran alive by bringing together dances from Iran and other ethnic backgrounds. He serves as the artistic director, choreographer and costume designer as well as a dancer in all of his shows worldwide.

Mr. Khordadian was the first person to form an Iranian dance company and dance group outside Iran. He was the first to begin teaching and instructing ( people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds) dances such as folk, modern, Persian as well as belly dance.

By being the 1st to produce Persian workout videos and belly dance in the sweet language of Farsi, he was able to reach people all over the world and gain worldwide fame and respect inside and out of Iran.
Through such hard work and love and passion for his profession. We are able to enjoy his shows in concerts, cultural events as well as weddings and parties.
He not only became a household name but he earned the name: King of Iranian Dance.

Being away from Iran for many year after the Islamic revolution in 1979 In the year 2002 Mr. Khordadian decided to return to Iran.
Unfortunately shortly after his arrival in month of may, he was started to be harassed and eventually arrested by revolutionary guards and sent to prison.
The nature of his job (dance) was what triggered the Islamic government for his prosecution and subsequently imprisonment.

His dancing career in the United States was harshly criticized under Islamic republics code to be immoral and against national security! He stayed in prison under a horrible condition and was subjected to mental/physical torture. He spent 61 days in prison.
Eventually he was released temporarily by posting a heavy bond.

To avoid further imprisonment Mr. Khordadian immediately left Iran to the country of Dubai to re-establish his life. Shortly after he started to manage a Night Club In Dubai city . His stay in Dubai was short lived and after four years he once again decided to return to Los Angeles.

Mr. Khordadian re-established the SABA DANCE Co. (very well known and prestigious dance company) and has been actively operating the company through training new students.