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Neda Derakhshanfar
نام : ندا درخشان فر
محل زندگی : Calgary, AB , Canada
تاریخ تولد :
محل تولد : Iran
حرفه : Runner up for Miss Universe Canada 2010
زندگینامه ندا درخشان فر
ندا متولد ايران است و در سن 13 سالگي به همراه پدر و مادر و سه برادر كوچكتر خود به كانادا مهاجرت مي كنند. وي به همراه خانواده در حدود 1 سال در تورنتو زندگي كردند و سپس به دليل انتقال شغل پدر به كالگري عزيمت كردند. در كالگري ندا دوستان جديدي پيدا كرد و توانست ديپلم مديريت بازرگاني خود را بگيرد و در يك انستيتو مالي مشغول به كار شود و البته اميدوار است كه روزي بتواند به عنوان يك مشاور مالي در بيايد. ندا عاشق موزيك از همه نوع رقص، شنا، اسب سواري و تفريح و گشت و گذار به همراه خانواده است.
Neda Derakhshanfar's Biography
Neda Derakhshanfar was born in Iran but currently resides in Calgary, AB. She moved to Canada at the age of 13 with her parents and 3 younger brothers. They lived in Toronto for about a year until her Father’s job required the family to move westward to Calgary. In Calgary Neda began to meet really great people, develop relationships, begin gaining experience in various work fields, finish high school and go to college.

She received a business management diploma and is now currently working at a financial institution where she plans on becoming a financial advisor. Neda also plans to own her own salon/spa in the future. She enjoys dancing, music of all types, swimming, running, hanging out with family and friends, and most of all travelling and expanding her horizons.

Neda has a very big heart and a determined and passionate attitude. She truly believes that with a strong enough mind and will, a person can persevere and achieve any goal they invest their time in. She is very experienced with pageants and has seen great success in the past. Neda is running for Miss Canada 2010.