Niki Karimi Photo Shoots 3جدیدترین عکس های نیکی کریمی سری سوم

  • Niki KarimiNiki Karimi
    Niki Karimi started acting in Theatrical groups in elementary school. "As a child, I read books and surly I found my self imaging being each character that I read, Jane Eire, Anna Karenina, Rebecca ... It begins this way." In 1989, she started acting in cinema with "The Temptation" by Jamshid Haidari. After that she appeared in "The bride" directed by Behrooz Afkhami in 1990, "Sara" by Darioush Mehrjouii in 1991. For "Sara" an adaptation of Henrik Ebsen's "The doll’s house", She won silver shell for the best actress from "San Sebastian Film Festival" and the best Actress award from …