Old Pictures Of Behrouz Vossoughiعکس های فدیمی بهروز وثوقی

  • Behrouz VossoughiBehrouz Vossoughi
    Behrouz Vossoughi is one of Iran's most legendary actors. He has over 40 years of experience in the motion picture industry, with featured appearances in more than 90 films and in addition to his work in films, television, radio and theater, Behrouz's performances have earned him recognition at several international film festivals. He was one of the first to play in American and European Co-Productions such as in Caravans (1978) in 1978 co-starring with Anthony Quinn, Jennifer O'Neil and Michael Sarrazin . He was also to play in another American movie called The Invincible Six (1968) with Curd Jürgens in …