Old Pictures Of Khosrow Shakibaiعکس های قدیمی از خسرو شکیبایی

  • Khosrow ShakibaiKhosrow Shakibai
    Khosrow Shakibai was a celebrated Iranian stage and cinema actor. He ranks amongst the most accomplished of actors of his generation. Khosrow Shakibai was born to Colonel Ahmad Shakibāi and Ms Farideh Khatami. His father, who was an army Colonel, died from cancer when Khosrow (called Mahmoud by family and close friends) was only fourteen. Khosrow studied acting at Faculty of Fine Arts of University of Tehran. He began his stage career in 1963 and branched out his activities into film dubbing in 1968. Shakiba'í initiated his film acting in 1982 with Khatt-e Ghermez (The Red Line), directed by Masoud …