Pictures Of Shahkar Bineshpajooh And His Famous Friendsعکس های شاهکار بینش پژوه و دوستانش

  • Shahkar BineshpajoohShahkar Bineshpajooh
    1994: Holding his bachelor's degree in Economic Geography Supervising the first post-revolution Guitar Concert 1995: Founding the first-ever Fusional Music Concert (Banned to be performed) 1996: Holding his master's degree in Political Geography 1997: Releasing "The Lady of Orient" album 1998: Partaking in the first as well as the last Pop Music Festival and is banned to perform any concerts for a five year term in its wake 1999: Releasing the book "I do love your hands" (blank verse) 2000: Producing and recording the album "The Note" 2001: Writing some papers on Tehran's Urban Network 2002: Being conferred his Ph.D. …