Rahim Norooziرحیم نوروزی

مشخصات رحیم نوروزی
Rahim Noroozi
نام : رحیم نوروزی
محل زندگی : Tehran,Iran
تاریخ تولد : 1346
محل تولد : Rasht,Iran
حرفه : Actor and Director
زندگینامه رحیم نوروزی
رحیم نوروزی
بازيگر، كارگردان و دارای مدارک
كارداني مرمت آثار تاريخي و كارشناسي ادبيات نمايشي از دانشگاه هنر و معماری، دانشگاه آزاد تهران است.
وی آموزش تئاتر را در اداره ارشاد اسلامی استان گیلان زیر نظر بهروز بقایی، بهزاد عشقی و ‏امیر ثابت به مدت یک سال؛ 1368‏ و
دوره آموزش بازیگری، کلاس‌های آموزشی کانون تئاتر تجربی حمید ‏سمندریان؛1370 گذرانده است.
وی کارمند رسمي اداره برنامه‌های تئاتر استان تهران با پست هنری بازيگر می باشد.
Rahim Noroozi's Biography
Rahim Noroozi is the most versatile and very well-known and famous actor of Iran, who has just not gained fans in Iran, but from all over the world. He has taken acting education and is really loved by all from his realistic acting and attractive looks. He has done many Iranian serials, films and stage shows. He got famous worldwide and started to be well-knowned in Egypt, Pakistan and in many Arabian and Asian countries by working in the series "Yousaf-e-Payambar" as Pharoah King Akhnaten.
Early life

Norouzi, since his early life was very fond of acting. He started his acting career by various commercials and Talk Shows and soon became very famous. Soon he was known to be a great actor and came in many serials and films. He appeared on TV first time in 1989. He is married and has a daughter Panahdar Norouzi.