Samir Roheshسمیر روهش

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Samir Rohesh
نام : سمیر روهش
محل زندگی :
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محل تولد : Stuttgart,Germany
حرفه : Pop Singer
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Samir Rohesh's Biography
In his childhood he discovered the World of music and was fascinated...He drummed on everything; mostly on teapots as he amused his whole family. His parents noticed his talent early and assisted him as well as they could.So he started at the age of 4 years playing Tabla (an Indian musical instrument). At the age of 6 years he had his first debut, in an afghan center with his uncle and guitarist Abdullah Taibi. There he sang and played Tabla with him.

At the age of 7 years he broadened his horizon and started the commerce with tones and sounds so he could play new musical instrumentes, like the Keyboard or the Harmonium (also an Indian musical instrument.)
Both of these appliances instilled in him a new interest to the music and so he built up his abilities, he reached the highest stage.
In 1999, his career started to assume a form particularly when he played and sang together with Hakim Sepas from the Pamir Studio.
Since 2000, SAMIR ROHESH travels consistently to the USA where he visits his uncle and teacher Najib Sediqi.

There he also takes lessons and since the end of 2006, he is one of the pupils of Ustad Deebashish. There he learns to cultivate his technics and to attain a higher Level of Music.