Sirvan Khosravi In Concert 2عکس هایی از کنسرت سیروان خسروی 2

  • Sirvan KhosraviSirvan Khosravi
    The former Kaveh Yaghmaee student, Sirvan Khosravi has now released his debut album entitled, "To Khiaal Kardi Beri", a very HIP and unconventionally album named after his own website! The album is mainly composed and arranged by Sirvan himself in elaborate collaboration with Omid Atharinejad as the sole lyricist and Zanyar Khosravi. The album, also known as "To Khiaal Kardi Beri", features 9 tracks and released on Barbad Music Inc. In a time when the veterans and established names of the industry have become too comfortable in their success and status, while delivering less ambitious and qualitative works, …