Sophia Nسوفیا ن

مشخصات سوفیا ن
Sophia N
نام : سوفیا ن
محل زندگی : London, UK
تاریخ تولد :
محل تولد : London
حرفه : Model
زندگینامه سوفیا ن
Sophia N's Biography
Born in London of Persian heritage, Sophia’s unique look distinguishes her from other models. Often compared to the gamine beauty Audrey Hepburn, Sophia started performing from a very early age when her mother took her to her first ballet class at the age of three. She went on to train at the prestigious Ballet Rambert School and graduated from the Roehampton Institute of Higher Education with a bachelor degree in Dance.

However, friends and family insisted that she tried her hand at modeling and after her studies she signed with London model agencies. Sophia is represented by Swissmodel work model management. Recently, Sophia has signed with Diva Model Agency in Dubai , making her a truly international model.

Sophia’s modeling experience includes many fashion shows, including bridal and lingerie and has also modeled in front of Prince Charles and The President of Pakistan. She also models at fashion exhibitions in England and Europe, fashion showrooms and does photographic work for magazines, look books and commercial print advertising. Sophia has also participated as an extra in movies, alongside Hollywood greats such as Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta Jones, as well as working in commercials and music videos.

In her spare time, Sophia trains weekly to keep fit and takes part in a healthy diet. She also loves going to the movies and theater, traveling and checking out the latest fashion trends on the high street.